Ferry Terminal Turku – Timeline

June 2023
News in the Ferry Terminal Turku project – June 2023
The architectural and special planning of the terminal is in progress, the operators for structural planning and electrical planning of the quays have been selected and the purchasing of area and traffic planning is in progress. >>>

June 2023
Invitation to tender for quay L23 contract
The tender process for the contract of quay no. 23 is underway in the Ferry Terminal Turku project. The procurement is put out to tender using the negotiation method, and the notice on the procurement was published in Hilma in March 2023. >>>

June 2023
City Council approved the amended town plan for Ferry Terminal Turku
The Turku City Council approved the proposed amendment of town plan for Ferry Terminal Turku in its meeting on 19 June. The objectives of the amended town plan are to enable the building of the joint terminal for ship traffic and the relocating of the passenger rail, and to develop the traffic arrangements and the operations in the port area. >>>

May 2023
Demolition of the port’s old passenger pavilion begins
The passenger pavilion, completed in 1956, located at the tip of Linnanniemi, will be demolished. The building is in the way of the renovation works of the platform and the construction of new passenger corridors in the area. >>>

February 2023
Turku City Council confirmed the new financing structure for Ferry Terminal Turku
Turku City Council amended its decision made two years ago concerning Ferry Terminal Turku, or the new terminal of the Turku passenger harbour including quays, outdoor field areas, and traffic connections. >>>

February 2023
News in the Ferry Terminal Turku project – February 2023
The planning of the quays included in the project will continue, the traffic and area planning of the joint outdoor area continues based on the City’s decision on the passenger rail connection, The following official matters are being processed/prepared >>>

February 2023
Demolition of the customs pavilion
As part of the Ferry Terminal Turku project, the old passenger and customs pavilion at the end of the Kanavaniemi will be demolished by the end of the year. >>>

November 2022
The planning area for Ferry Terminal Turku city plan was expanded
The Urban Environment Committee of the City of Turku approved on 13 September the complemented goals of the amended plan for Ferry Terminal Turku. >>>

November 2022
Ferry Terminal Turku – Planning of the terminal building commenced
The planning of the terminal for the Ferry Terminal Turku project commenced. The goal is to design a high-quality terminal building with excellent functionality to replace Viking Line’s and Tallink Silja’s current terminal buildings. >>>

June 2022
Turku safeguards Linnanniemi’s major projects with schedule changes
The City of Turku will reschedule the development of Linnanniemi and major projects in the area. The start of the berth investment related to the passenger travel port will be postponed by one year and the rental agreement for the field areas used for port traffic will be extended until the end of 2026. >>>

June 2022
Port’s new rail connection via Pahaniemi
Turku City Board made a decision of principle on 6 June 2022 on the building of the port rail connection. In the approved proposal, the railway tracks to the port and the new joint passenger terminal would approach from the direction of Pahaniemi district. >>>

May 2022
News in the Ferry Terminal Turku project – May 2022
Tendering for project management contracts regarding the design and construction of the terminal building is in progress.
Competitive bidding for the special designers of the terminal building will commence after choosing the architect.
The last day for submitting contract offers for Viking Line’s pier is 25 May 2022. >>>

May 2022
Winner declared in Port of Turku’s architectural competition for Ferry Terminal Turku

The winner of the architectural competition organised for selecting the principal and architectural designer for the Port of Turku’s new passenger terminal is the proposal named ORIGAMI. >>>

March 2022
FTT – Tendering for the building contract of a pier started
Tendering for the building contract of the new pier for use by Viking Line started on 9 February. We comply in our operations with the act on public procurement in special fields (1398/2016). The procurement is a building contract that exceeds the EU’s threshold value. The tendering will be implemented by using the negotiation method, because the contract forms an important part of the FTT project, and the procurement agreement cannot be made without prior negotiations with the tenderers due to special reasons related to the nature and complexity of the contract. >>>

March 2022
Finale of three in Port of Turku’s architectural competition
The architectural competition for the designing of the Port of Turku’s new passenger terminal has proceeded to its final phase. The jury of the competition chose three of the five proposals submitted: Aallonharja, Fokka, and Origami. The architecture agencies behind the chosen proposals will continue to finalise their designs until the end of April, after which the winner of the competition and the designer of the joint terminal will be announced. >>>

February 2022
Port of Turku’s architectural competition proceeds to next phase
Phase one of the architectural competition for the Port of Turku’s new terminal building is coming to an end. The architecture agencies selected to the competition submitted their proposals on 11 February, and the jury convened to make its first assessments on them on 14 February. >>>

December 2021
Top contenders in the architect competition
The contenders in the architect competition for the planning of the new passenger terminal have been selected. Almost twenty planning groups signed up for the contest that is arranged as a public procurement. The selection of the five invited architect offices were chosen by scoring references. >>>

December 2021
Port of Turku’s infrastructure is developed within the Ferry Port Turku EU project
The planning of the measures aimed at developing the infrastructure, logistics and safety of the Ferry Terminal Turku project will get properly started when a kick off meeting for the related Ferry Port Turku project is arranged on 15 December. Participants include representatives of Wega, CINEA, and Traficom. >>>

November 2021
The draft site plan for the Ferry Terminal Turku project was approved
The Ferry Terminal Turku project moved forward again, when the Turku Urban Environment Comittee approved the draft site plan on Tuesday, which discusses the main principles of the project. At its meeting, the board decided on the approximate location of the passenger port and the preliminary maximum height for the terminal building. >>>

October 2021
The Ferry Terminal Turku architectural competition will start in mid-October
The Port of Turku is organizing an architectural competition to select a designer for a new passenger terminal. Perhaps the most interesting part of the Ferry Terminal project is the new passenger terminal, which will be shared by both shipping companies. The building will serve passengers for decades and its location in the harbor environment close to Turku Castle will make the site significant from a cityscape point of view. >>>

September 2021
Ramboll CM Oy elected project management consultant for Ferry Terminal Turku
The project management and supervision services for the Port of Turku’s Ferry Terminal Turku (FTT) project will be purchased from Ramboll CM Oy. The service agreement was signed on 17 September 2021. The most important objective of the FTT project is to build a new joint passenger terminal for use of Viking Line Abp and Tallink Silja Oy. >>>

September 2021
Ferry Terminal Turku project operating agreements and terminal redemption agreement signed
Port of Turku’s Ferry Terminal Turku project is progressing. The project will reorganise the area and functions of the Turku passenger harbour and inner harbour. The plan is to build a new joint passenger terminal for use of both shipping companies, Tallink Silja and Viking Line. The new terminal is expected to be completed in December 2025. >>>

May 2021
Ferry Terminal project is proceeding to Turku City Board
The massive Ferry Terminal project in Turku is proceeding to be decided on by the City Board. It is proposed to the City Board that convenes on Monday, 31 May that the Port of Turku can start the financial arrangements for the project valued at 172 million euros. >>>

June 2020
Turku and shipping companies consider three alternative locations for the passenger terminal
The City of Turku, Port of Turku Ltd and shipping companies Silja Line and Viking Line have begun to study three alternative locations for Turku’s new passenger terminal. The original joint terminal project planned for the Linnanaukko area is turning out to be too expensive a solution considering the functional and economic goals to be reached. >>>

August 2018
New joint terminal for ship traffic opens up opportunities for development of the port area
The port area is facing intensive development in the future. The passenger and cruise operations in the area will be reformed with positive effects on the Port and considerable added value for tourism. The key players undertake to increase the attractiveness of the area with a joint letter of intent. The reforms have great significance to Turku’s future. >>>