FTT – Tendering for the building contract of a pier started

News - 2022 - FTT-laituri

Tendering for the building contract of the new pier for use by Viking Line started on 9 February. We comply in our operations with the act on public procurement in special fields (1398/2016). The procurement is a building contract that exceeds the EU’s threshold value. The tendering will be implemented by using the negotiation method, because the contract forms an important part of the FTT project, and the procurement agreement cannot be made without prior negotiations with the tenderers due to special reasons related to the nature and complexity of the contract.

To access the negotiation proceedings the contractor shall fulfil the compatibility requirements set by us. The compatibility requirements are presented in connection with the procurement notice in Hilma. The contractors interested in the procurement shall in the first phase submit a participation form to the client. All candidates that fulfil the compatibility requirements set will be invited to the negotiation proceedings.

The structural design of the quays is done by Profund Oy, and the goal is to start the building of the quays in summer 2022.