Security is the foundation of the Port

Security is the foundation of the Port’s operations. All persons moving in the port are responsible for maintaining a high level of security. A safe port area allows for smooth flow of transports and efficient services to all operators. The port of Turku operates under the ISPS code for the base and passenger port and the Pansio oil port. While developing our services we also aim at improving security on the whole.

Safe operator

Safety is the foundation of operations. High level of safety is ensured through co-operation of parties operating in the port.

Anticipating actions

Anticipating damage prevention and operating models for enhanced safety guarantee a safe operating environment.

Part of customer service

Safety is part of customer service. Safety work is aimed at protecting people, vessels and property as well as the environment.

The port coordinates security issues

There are many different seafaring and logistics companies operating in the Port of Turku, but as the administrator of the area the Port of Turku manages the security plans and their co-ordination as well as co-operation with the authorities related to security issues.

The Port of Turku complies with the national and international security instructions and the occupa-tional health and safety systems in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard. Compliance with the security principles calls for anticipating damage prevention, know-how of personnel, and sustaina-bility from the Port of Turku. To achieve a high level of security the Port of Turku trains both its own personnel and the personnel of its customer companies and different stakeholders.

International ISPS code steers security procedures

The ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) Code is a set of guidelines issued by the In-ternational Maritime Organization IMO operating under UN, the purpose of which is to improve maritime safety both on board vessels and in ports. The Port of Turku’s security procedures fulfil the requirements of the ISPS Code. The ISPS area is fenced and fitted with CCTV.

You can read more about the ISPS Code and its requirements on the Traficom’s website.

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