Project description

Ferry Terminal Turku (FTT) is a joint project of the Port of Turku, City of Turku, Tallink Silja and Viking Line to develop passenger traffic. The aim is to build a new common passenger terminal area for the use of shipping companies.

The project includes

  • The construction of the actual terminal building.
  • The renovation of the berths to be used by the shipping companies and their background areas, including passenger pipes and bridges and automooring equipment, the construction of a car field with transport connections to the street network and the drop off traffic area.
  • In addition, there will be some restructuring in the actual cargo port in connection with the project.

Preliminary schedule for the project

Terminal building11/2021–7/202311/2023–11/2025
Quays Viking Line11/2021–10/20226/2022–10/2023
Quays Tallink Silja11/2021–10/202212/2023–4/2025
Power supply11/2021–4/20229/2022–1/2023
Fiber mesh11/2021–4/20229/2022–1/2023
Telematics Viking Line1/2022–6/20221/2023–8/2023
Telematics Tallink Silja1/2022–7/20227/2024–2/2025
Field works11/2021–1/20231/2023–10/2025

The estimated completion date of the new joint terminal is at the end of 2026/beginning of 2027.

The estimated cost of the project is EUR 172 million.

Erik Söderholm

Managing Director

+358 50 5533 100

Markku Alahäme

Technical Director

+358 50 5533 109