Flexible services are the result of co-operation

The Port’s flexible services are produced with the best expertise to all customer groups. The customers value our solid experience as a logistics partner. The most efficient transport chains and attractive connections are created as a result of close co-operation between different providers. Logistics professional ensure that the cargo moves smoothly. The needs of fast-paced cargo transports are supported by flexible warehousing services and a wide range of outdoor storage areas. Our services are suited to both long-term storage and fast-moving distribution operations.

Overall services

The Port of Turku provides overall services to fulfil the needs and wishes. Operations are guided by reliability and flexibility.

Efficient cargo handling

Cargo handling in the Port of Turku is carried out fast, efficiently and safely by leading port operators.

Flexible operations

Smooth flow of traffic is ensured by professional service providers, functioning infrastructure and flexible operating models.


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Antti Pekanheimo

Chief Operating Officer

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