The Port of Turku has prepared for preventing the spreading of the coronavirus. The Port follows the instructions of various authorities and those of the City of Turku. In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading the following measures are in effect until further notice.


Harbour areas provide efficient services

The Port of Turku’s areas form a vital and lively hub of maritime traffic which serves as a logistically efficient option for both export and import transports. The harbour areas offer a wide range of warehousing space and service capacity to look after the logistics of different types of products. Efficient port services and good traffic connections as part of a European traffic system ensure flawless operation of transport chains. We work in close co-operation with all port operators to be able to develop ourselves continuously as a modern logistics hub.

Logistics hub

Port offers a complete and logistically efficient operating environment that combines different modes of transport.

Logistically functioning

A vital hub of maritime traffic. A logistically functioning option for both export and import shipments.

High capacity

A wide range of warehouse space and plenty of service capacity for logistics of different types of products.

Port of Turku as a whole


  • Water areas: 1,045 ha
  • Land areas: 225 ha
  • Main channel: 10 m depth
  • Pansio channel: 9 m depth
  • Railways: 18,5 km
  • Quay length: 5 km
  • Ro-ro berths: 11 pcs


West Harbour:

  • 40/48 t gantry crane 1 pc
  • 35/46 t multi-function crane 1 pc
  • 10/60 t knuckleboom crane 1 pc


Turku – Rauma 92 km
Turku – Pori 138 km
Turku – Hämeenlinna 141 km
Turku – Tampere 57 km
Turku – Helsinki 165 km
Turku – Lahti 212 km
Turku – Jyväskylä 304 km
Turku – Vaasa 331 km
Turku – St.Petersburg 580 km
Turku – Oulu 620 km
Turku – Moscow 1,266 km