Linnanaukko serves unitised cargo transports

Of the harbour areas, Linnanaukko focuses especially on services for unitised cargo transports as well as lo-lo and project shipments. The services of the Linnanaukko area are centrally located with good connections. The place is easy to reach, as the main roads are direct and uncongested. There is plenty of outdoor storage space and warehouse capacity in the Linnanaukko area. There are several truck terminals in the vicinity of the harbour area, which enhances the transport chains. Railway tracks lead to the area and there are transfer loading facilities for railway carriages.

Linnanaukko resources


  • Many truck terminals are situated in the area.
  • Change wagons and load & unload operations.
  • Security-camera control and gate control system.


Field Areas: 253,000 m²

Storage facilities:

  • Port of Turku 37,000 m²
  • privately owned 23,000 m²


  • Finnish track gauge 3,4 km


  • Quay length: 800 m
  • Berth depth: 7,5-10 m

   Ro-ro berths: 2 pcs