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Maritime experience in the unique archipelago

Passenger traffic though the Port of Turku takes the passengers to the heart of the unique archipelago often called the most beautiful in the world. The exquisite Baltic Sea nature offers fascinating vistas, and the fresh sea air beckons the passengers to the deck. Ferry traffic between Turku and Stockholm is operated with the newest vessels of the best shipping companies which offer a high standard of services. Sea travel is made flexible and comfortable for the passengers to enjoy a successful and memorable experience from start to finish.

Newest vessels

The newest vessels in the Baltic Sea. Friendliness to environment is emphasised alongside comfort of passengers.

Unique archipelago

Turku is located at one end of a gorgeous archipelago route. The unique vistas in themselves are an unforgettable experience.

Frequent departures

The leading shipping companies of the Baltic Sea offer several daily departures to choose from – in the morning and evening.
Convenient start for a sea voyage

A pleasant sea voyage from Turku starts conveniently without the feel of a rush. The terminals of Viking Line and Tallink Silja can be accessed by public transport, and embarking on the ship is easy. For those arriving by car there are uncongested and clear road connections to the Port. There is plenty of parking space within a walking distance from the terminals. The sea route from Turku to Stockholm is also the first leg on a car trip to Continental Europe. On arrival in Sweden it is good to start the drive well rested after a pleasant sea voyage.

Easiest way from Finland to Europe is through Turku. The adventure begins casually while enjoying the services of the ship.

Diversely for all visitors

The voyage from Turku to Stockholm will be shaped to everyone’s wishes. Holiday-makers will find a great deal of entertaining programme on board. The ships sailing from Turku are among the newest vessels of the shipping companies, and the standard of services is high. Ferries are also ideally suited for business travel. Modern conference facilities and a peaceful working environment provide opportunities for efficient use of time.

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