• Temperature: 6.1°C
  • Wind speed: 3.2 m/s
  • Sea level: 4 cm
  • Sea water temperature: 3.3 °C

Because time matters

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Port and Turku A genuine port city

Turku and its Port share history, present day and future. Today, it is impossible to think of Turku without a harbour that still acts as Finland’s gateway to the west for trade, tourism and culture. As part of the maritime cluster of Southwest Finland, the Port of Turku is also an important source of vitality for the whole of the Turku region.

Turku aerial photo


Passenger traffic Sea Holiday starts in Turku

The Port of Turku offers the most convenient sea route to Sweden. Departing is easy and the schedules are suited to those coming from further away. During the sea voyage you can enjoy views of the archipelago said to be the most beautiful in the world, and shop, dance and eat on board the wonderful ships. So step on board in Turku for recreation on a cruise or go and feel the pulse of Stockholm.

Matkustajaliikenne Turun Satama

Over 9,000 passengers daily

Cargo traffic Fast transport route

The Port of Turku provides speed and efficiency to the transports of trade and industry. Regular liner traffic opens up a shortcut for maritime transports to the key Baltic Sea ports and connects Turku to the ocean lines. The smooth flow of the commercial transport chains is ensured by uncongested road connections which are linked through the port to the TEN-T traffic network.

Cargo traffic – Port of Turku


Port´s operations A FIVE-STAR SERVICE PORT

The Port of Turku and its partners form a reliable service concept that provides cost-efficient solutions to all logistics needs of businesses. Co-operation between the port enterprise, shipping companies, port operators and transport companies is close and the goals are uniform. As a five-star service port we want to be the number one port because time matters.

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Current issues

Because time matters