Efficient professionals in cargo handling

Cargo handling is carried out efficiently and safely in the Port of Turku to ensure an uninterrupted transport chain. The cargo handling of vessels is taken care of with expertise by the leading port operators of the country, and the operators have efficient equipment for port services. Diverse cargo handling equipment is available for loading and unloading of different types of vessels. The crane capacity in the Port of Turku is dimensioned in accordance with the requirements of heavy industry up to 60 tonnes.

Safe loading

Cargo handling in the Port of Turku is carried out safely and efficiently to ensure uninterrupted transport chain.

Reliable operators

Finland’s leading operators provide professional cargo handling and ensure the smooth operation of the transport chain.

Efficient equipment

Diverse and efficient equipment is available for the loading of both ro-ro vessels and conventional vessels.

Port operators in cargo handling

Finnsteve Oy Ab is a full-service port operator specialising in unitised cargo. In the Port of Turku, Finnsteve provides stevedoring and terminal services as well as e.g. container terminal, container depot and documentation services.

Finnsteve Oy
P.O. BOX 38 (Huolintakatu 5)
FI-20101 Turku
+358 10 565 60

Stevena has years of experience in port operations in Turku. In the Port of Turku, Stevena focuses on stevedoring of conventional bulk and parcelled goods as well as terminal services and warehousing.

Terminal address:
Konttikatu 10, S173, FI-20100 Turku

Terminal opening hours
mon–fri: 07.00am–9.30pm

Terminal on-call phone
+358 50 5919 290

Postal address:
Satamatie 13, FI-21100 Naantali
+358 20 7771 500

Turku Stevedoring Oy provides stevedoring and logistics services in the Port of Turku. Customer-oriented services are tailored using diverse equipment. If required, the company will design and build new equipment for the customers’ needs.

Varastokatu 1
FI-20200 Turku
+358 20 752 9777

Cranes in the Port of Turku

West Harbour:
  • 1 pc 10/60 t knuckle boom crane (quays 35-36)
  • 1 pc 35/46 t multi-function crane (quays 38-40)
  • 1 pc 40/48 t gantry crane (quays 39-41)

Crane services in the Port of Turku Cranes moving on the port’s tracks are operated by Turku Stevedoring. The crane capacity and functions allow for safe and efficient lifting. Products handled with cranes include e.g. containers, boats, project shipments, and steel industry products.

Price inquiries:
Kimmo Iljin
tel. +358 400 820 118

Crane orders:
Orders must be made the previous working day at 2.00 pm latest.
tel. +358 400 858 096