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Valid charges in the Port of Turku

By using the services of the Port of Turku Ltd or by operating in the port of Turku and in an area adminis-tered by the Port, the player/customer undertakes to follow the price list and the conditions therein, as well as any other instructions or regulations given by the Port of Turku Ltd.

The harbour regulations and any other instructions and regulations of the Port of Turku Ltd must be observed in the port of Turku and in the area administered by the Port.

The charges in the price list exclude value added tax. Value added tax in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time shall be added to the charges. The term of payment is 14 days net.

Interest for late payment shall be charged at the maximum amount permitted by the Interest Act. The collection of overdue payments shall be carried out by Port of Turku Ltd’s collection partner, and a charge in accordance with the partner’s price list or assignment agreement shall be charged for it.

Port of Turun Ltd reserves the right to changes in this price list.

The cargo charge must be paid in accordance with the related tariff table for cargo transported by water through port of Turku.

The cargo charge is to be paid either by the Finnish cargo owner, ship’s representative, shipping company or other person responsible for the cargo during transport, unless otherwise agreed. Whoever is responsible for the payment of the charge, as specified above, must also provide the harbour with the necessary information to define the charge.

The amount of the cargo charge is based on the gross weight unless otherwise agreed.

When defining the cargo charge, goods categorisation of the Finnish Transport Agency is used as applicable to place the cargo in the correct tariff category.

  • The minimum cargo charge payable is 20.00 €

The charge is, in accordance with EU regulations, the same for domestic and foreign traffic, and for import and export. The cargo charge is €/1,000 kg gross, unless otherwise mentioned in the price list.

Goods categories of the charges

Price category I
Traffic category: 20–21, 31–32, 34–35, 38, 40–41
Harbour: 44.1 1.00 € /tonne

Price category II
Traffic category: 22–24, 26–27, 33
Harbour: 37.2 – 1.31 € /tonne

Price category III
Traffic category: 39, 45
Harbour: 28.1 – 1.65 € /tonne

Price category IV
Traffic category: 25, 36, 42
Harbour: 37.1 – 2.16 € /tonne

Price category V
General charge for unspecified goods and general cargo traffic
Traffic category: 28–30, 37, 43–44, 46–51 – 3.04 € /tonne

New ships (not manifested) percentage of the ship’s value
Harbour: 56 – 0.12%

New vehicles by unit
Traffic category: 29.1 – 7.46 € /pcs

In the case of unit cargo the price categories I – V are applied to total cargo in units, i.e. in units containing goods from one price group only. Otherwise the general tariff is applied.


The charge is, in accordance with EU regulations, the same for domestic and foreign traffic, and for import and export. The cargo charge is €/1,000 kg gross, unless otherwise mentioned in the price list.

Tariff Description / category

20 / Unsawn wood timber
21 / Sawn wood timber
22 / Cellulose, wood pulp, waste paper
23 / Paper, paper products, cardboard
24 / Plywood, other raw material boards
25 / Other wood industry products
26 / Iron ore, concentrate, scrap
27 / Other ore, concentrate, scrap
28 / Other metals, works
– 28.1 / Iron, steel, base metals (not works)
29 / Machines, devices, transport equipment
– 29.1 / New motor vehicles
30 / Other metal products
31 / Crude oil
32 / Oliferous products
33 / Coal and coke
34 / Fuel peat
35 / Manures
36 / Coal chemicals, tar
37 / Other chemical industry products
– 37.1 / Plastic raw materials
– 37.2 / Sodium hydroxide and lignin, 50 per cent solution, Technical starch HS35.05,
wood molasses HS 38.04, phosphates HS 28.35
38 / Raw minerals
39 / Cement, lime, industrial mineral products
40 / Grain
41 / Sugar beet
42 / Fresh fruit, vegetables, potato
43 / Live animals
44 / Foodstuffs
– 44.1 / Animal charged, beet molasses HS 17.03
45 / Oil plants, vegetable-based oils, animal fats
46 / Textile raw materials, skins, rubber
47 / Leathers, textiles, clothes, shoes
48 / Glass, ceramic products
49 / Other industrial products
50 / Other non-itemised goods
51 / Miscellaneous products
52 / General charge for other non-itemised goods
55 / Articles transported in train carriages
56 / Ships

The charge is based on the figure indicating the ship’s net tonnage as follows

6 – 23
1–1999110.00 €153.00 €
2000–6000185.00 €265.00 €
over 6000260.00 €320.00 €

The charges are collected separately for mooring and unmooring a ship. The charges are based on a ship’s maximum net tonnage used in the harbour.

Port of Turku Ltd collects an infrastructure charge for auto mooring and unmooring.

  • Charge/vessel call 260.00 €

Passenger ships in regular liner traffic that can be considered to belong within Article 3 Sub-section 2 of the ship charge only pay the mooring charge on their regular runs.

  • The maximum charge is then 260.00 €
  • If mooring/unmooring is ordered for the time between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. but not used, the additional charge per operation is 110.00 €
  • Normal charges are charged for transfers, except in cases where the transfer is due to the Port or its needs.
  • The service charge includes the infrastructure charge.

Fixed subscriptions, electric energy and transmission products

Electricity energy products for low voltage customers

(main fuse 200 A at most)
Basic charge (1-time measurement)/month)3.20 €2.73 €5.93 €
Energy /kWh0.06 €0.03 €0.09 €

Duty on electricity
The prices stated in the price list include the electricity tax charged by the government. If electricity tax rates change, the prices in the price list will be altered accordingly.

Measuring device charges
The basic charge also includes a measuring device charge, through which maintenance of the measuring device for the product is covered, as well as a temporary service for the measuring devices. The share of the measuring device charge is

  • 1- time measurement /month 1.05 €/kk

An additional measuring device charge of € 1.50 /month, VAT 0%, will be charged for the 2-time measurement installed in connection with the transmission product containing the 1-time measurement.

Value-added tax will be added to these charges in accordance with the interest rates valid at the time.

Service charges related to electricity transmission
For non-recurring measurements required at the beginning of electricity transmission, and similar issues, service charges will be charged in accordance with the service price list.
Other electricity energy and transmission products will be charged in according to the contract.

Other measuring devices as agreed.

Temporary subscriptions
(main fuse 200 A at most)
interface charge (price includes connection and disconnection)90.00 €
Basic charge /month (1-time measurement)3.20 €6.09 €
Energy /kWh 0.06 €0.06 €0.05 €
Basic rental charge30.00 €50.00 €
Rent /day5.00 €8.00 €

The customer may be temporarily supplied with electricity (e.g. for worksite use) without an accession agreement, for a period of up to two years.

River harbour, small vessels
Price list of the City of Turku Urban Environment Division.

Duty on electricity
The prices stated in the price list include the electricity tax charged by the government.
Other temporary subscriptions as agreed.

Value-added tax will be added to these charges in accordance with the interest rates valid at the time.

Sales conditions that apply to the electricity supply price list
Electricity transmission is an electricity network service offered by the holder of the distribution network. By electricity transmission is meant the transfer of electricity in the electricity network between different parties in electricity trading. The transmission products stated in this price list include the transmission of electric energy delivered to the seller’s main grid to an electricity usage location within Port of Turku Ltd’s distribution network, in the manner prescribed in the Electricity Market Act.

The customer may choose between the electricity products in the price list, within the limits mentioned in this application guideline. The selected product will be applied for at least one year before the product can be transferred.

A pricing alternative that does not require efficiency measuring can be selected only by customers whose main fuse is 200 A at most.

The basic charge of the products stated in the price list contains a measuring device charge, by which the cost of maintaining the indicator
needed to measure electricity consumption, as well as temporary care, are covered (the device included in the basic charge is mentioned in connection with the basic charge). If other measuring devices have been installed at the electricity usage location, the maintenance of
which is not included in the basic charge for the transmission product, the maintenance of said devices will be separately charged using a measuring device charge from a separate measuring device price list.

Transferring to another electricity product (product switch) requires measuring devices to have been installed in the electricity usage location that can be used to measure the variables forming the basis for invoicing, in a manner approved by the holder of the distribution network.

In case product switching requires changes to the measuring devices, a separate measuring charge will be charged for installation, in accordance with a separate measuring price list.
If the customer does not have a currently valid electricity sales agreement with Port of Turku or another electricity seller, it is the obligation of the local distribution network holder to cut the electricity supply to the electricity usage location in question. The customer may be
temporarily supplied with electricity (e.g. for worksite use) without an accession agreement, for a period of two years at most.

For non-recurring measures required at the beginning of electricity transmission, and other non-recurring measures related to the electricity transmission, service charges will be charged in accordance with the service price list.

The nominal power voltage and frequency in the low voltage network is 230 V 50 Hz., 400V/230V / 50Hz.

Connecting a temporary subscription requires paying a collateral sum to the Port of Turku Ltd’s Finance & Administration department. In the event of a possible payment disturbance, or in the event of damage to equipment belonging to the harbour due to the customer, the harbour
also has the right to use the collateral sum to cover any expenses incurred. The amount of collateral is the same as the accession charge for the subscription type in question.

If the customer buys energy from other energy suppliers, a separate electricity network contract will be prepared for the electricity transmission. The customer will pay the initial costs and balance sheet costs of the transmission service, as well as measuring costs to Port
of Turku Ltd for the aforementioned services of the network operator in accordance with their invoicing.


Beginning of electricity delivery
Delivery begins in connection with creating a new electricity supply or network contract, or a change of user location

  • Charge for hourly work during normal working hours on weekdays (7 am–3.30 pm) (price includes connection) 40.00 €/h
  • Charge for hourly work outside normal working hours and on Saturdays 80.00 €/h
  • Charge for hourly work on Sundays 120.00 €/h
  • Earlier connection than the service provides 45.00 €/h

Other services as agreed.

Maintenance of measuring and terminal devices
Measuring devices and related steering and data collection devices are the property of Port of Turku Ltd. Port of Turku Ltd is responsible for device maintenance. Port of Turku Ltd collects a measuring device charge from the customer based on a separate transmission service price
list. The charge covers the maintenance of monitoring and the measuring devices.

Other measuring devices and services as agreed.

Value-added tax will be added to these charges in accordance with the interest rates valid at the time.

1 § General principles
  1. A maritime commercial ship arriving at the Turku city’s water area which port has a right to use is charged a ship charge in accordance with the charge mentioned herewith.
  2. The charge is based on the figure representing the ship’s net tonnage. It is calculated by multiplying the price unit by the figure indicating the net tonnage. If the figure indicating the net tonnage is greater than 31,000, the ship charge is calculated by using the figure 31,000.
  3. If the net tonnage in the harbour changes, the greatest net tonnage that has been used will be applicable.
  4. The ship’s captain or a representative is responsible for preparing the reports required by the harbour regulations so that a basis for the charge can be established.
  5. Once the ship charge is paid, the ship is entitled to remain in the harbour area for a continuous period of 5 days and nights.
  6. The ship charge is not charged on a ship arriving in a harbour of refuge.
  7. Ships that hold Port of Turku as their base (trawlers, tugboats, water buses, Finnish passenger ships, etc.) are charged separately according to an approved quay charge.
  8. Ships are separately charged for their waste disposal according to an approved waste disposal charge. From vessels coming for servicing or repairs, an extra cost of 12% shall be collected in addition to the cost generated.
  9. The passenger charge is separately charged on a passenger ship in foreign traffic according to an approved passenger charge.
  10. A vessel arriving in the port of Turku is granted a discount on the ship charge based on the following Clean Shipping Index (CSI) classifications:
    • ship CSI class 3, discount 2%
    • ship CSI class 4, discount 4%
    • ship CSI class 5, discount 6%

The condition for granting a discount is that the Port is provided with a valid certificate of the ship’s CSI classification, issued by the Clean
Shipping Index organization.

2 § Cargo ships
  1. The charge for a cargo ship in foreign or domestic traffic is 0.35 € /NT
    • The minimum charge is 150.00 €
  2. Cargo ships in regular liner foreign traffic that sail according to a generally informed timetable are granted reductions according to the following principles:
    • if the annual net tonnage of harbour visits of the above-mentioned cargo ships within the traffic of a single shipping or marketing company is
      – over 100,000, the reduction is 10 per cent
      – over 175,000, the reduction is 20 per cent
      – over 250,000, the reduction is 25 per cent
    • For other factors, regulations in Article 3 are adhered to, as applicable.
3 § Passenger ships
  1. A passenger ship that collects and leaves passengers is charged as regulated in Article 2.
  2. SHIP CHARGESPassenger ships that maintain regular traffic according to a generally informed timetable, and principally carry passengers during a minimum period of three months, are granted a reduction of 42.5 per cent on the ship charge.

    The reduction shall be requested from the Port in advance. A similar refund is granted on a ship charge paid for a ship replacing one that follows regular timetables. The above-mentioned refund is, however, not granted on such charges as the passenger and waste disposal charges.
    • The minimum charge is 70.00 €
  3. The ship charge for a passenger ship in cruiser traffic that visits the harbour without collecting or leaving passengers is reduced by 50 per cent if the ship is brought to a berth, and by 75 per centif it visits the port anchorage area.
    • The minimum charge is 150.00 €
4 § Tugboats and cargo pontoons

A tugboat that occasionally visits the harbour area is charged according to the maximum length:

  • under 15 metres long 80.00 €
  • 15–30 metres long 120.00 €
  • over 30 metres long 200.00 €

Where a combination of a tugboat and barge, as indicated in Article 29 Section 2, is concerned, the ship charge to be charged is calculated according to the total net tonnage of the two vessels.

5 § Ships constructed or repaired at the shipyard

If a ship is not charged a cargo charge, the ship charge according to the related Article 2 Section 1 is payable.
Only one harbour charge is charged for each visit to the shipyard, regardless of the duration of the visit.

6 § Visits needed for service operations etc

The ship charge for a vessel that visits the harbour area for maintenance or replacement of crew without collecting or leaving passengers or cargo is 50 per cent of the charge in accordance with section 2 or section 4. If the maintenance visit lasts longer than 7 days, the ship charge shall be separately agreed upon between the shipping company and the Port of Turku. If a ship on a maintenance visit has to be moved by an order of the Port, the ship shall be responsible for all the resulting costs.

  • The minimum charge is 160.00 €
7 § Stripped ships

The ship charge of stripped ships or those that are used as floating depots is separately agreed upon between the shipping company and Port of Turku.

The following rental charges are charged for articles placed in the harbour storage sheds and area as well as in other areas managed by the
Port of Turku Ltd:

Storage sheds

The storage charge is per m² for each day and night

  • 1–7 days 0.093 €/m2/day
  • over 7 days, as of the first storage day 0.155 €/m2/day

An increase of 100 per cent is levied on the charges for a period when the storage shed is being warmed. A requirement for the supply of storage shelters is that there is no valid contract of lease concerning them.

Storage areas

The storage charge is per m² for each day and night.

  • 1–7 days 0.00 €/m2/day
  • over 7 days, as of the first storage day 0.093 €/m2/day
Unit cargo

Containers and flats (full and empty)

  • 1-7 days 0.00 €/TEU/day
  • 7-14 days 0.93 €/TEU/day
  • over 14 days 1.85 €/TEU/day

Containers, flats

  • 20´ or under = 1 TEU
  • over 20´–30´ = 1.5 TEU
  • over 30´–40´ = 2 TEU
  • over 40´–50´ = 2.5 TEU
  • over 50´–60´ = 3 TEU
  • over 60´ = 4 TEU

Semi-trailers = 2 TEU
Articulated trucks = 4 TEU
Other 6 m or under = 1 TEU, over 6 m = 2 TEU

Continuous storage (over 30 days)

If the storage lasts longer than 30 days, the Port shall be informed thereof, and the renting method to be applied will be agreed on in accordance with the general practic of the Port. Neglecting to inform will result in increasing the rental charge by 50%, i.e. by coefficient 1,5.

Combustible or otherwise dangerous articles

If the nature of an article requires it to be situated in a special place or storage space within the harbour area, the charges have an increase of 100 percent. Free-of-charge storage periods are, however, not considered.

Special specifications

The storage period is calculated from the day following the day on which unloading ended, and in other cases from the unloading date to the date the articles are taken away. The amount of the rental charge is calculated as follows: Charge determined by the ending of storage period
x storage period in days x area

  • The minimum rental charge is 62.00 €

The storage of boats, boat cradles and boat trailers as well as other goods or vehicles is always subject to charge in the port and logistics areas and the so-called Late-area of the Port of Turku Ltd. The storage shall be agreed upon with the Port of Turku Ltd in writing, and the property to be stored must be marked with details of the owner or the tenant.

Any unmarked property can be interpreted case-specifically as so-called ownerless property or waste. In case of possible disposal of such property, the owner shall be charged for the disposal expenses according to costs accumulated.


Charge for parking in designated areas within the harbour area.

  • 1 h 1.20 €
  • 26 h 15.00 €
  • Parking permit for a calendar year (purchased at the information office of Port of Turku Ltd)
    – Passenger harbour (free parking / calendar year) 335.00 €
    – Passenger harbour places with electricity socket (behind the red fence) 400.00 €
    – Ship personnel (next to Silja Cargo) 90.00 €
  • The purchase price of the parking permit is reduced per month as of February according to the date of purchase 25.00 €
  • Parking charges include value added tax in force
  • Charge for hourly work during normal working hours on weekdays (7.00 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.) 40.00 €/h
  • Charge for hourly work outside normal working hours and on Saturdays 80.00 €/h
  • Charge for hourly work on Sundays 120.00 €/h
  • Charge for hourly work for expert and project management work, processing of notifications and permit applications 80.00 €/h

Overhead cost of 12% will be added to the purchase price of invoiced material and services in the invoice.

Machines and equipment are rented with operating personnel. Personnel cost in accordance with the above section will be added to the price of the equipment.

Machine and equipment rent prices:

  • Truck 29.00 €/h
  • Wheel loader 29.00 €/h
  • Tractor 29.00 €/h
  • Sweeper 43.00 €/h
  • Cleaning truck 39.00 €/h
  • Pilot cutter Pikisaari 150.00 €/h
  • Workboat Arppu 150.00 €/h
  • Personnel hoist 144.00 €/day

Permit charges

  • Yearly permit charge for mobile crane 500.00 € /calendar year
  • Supporting charge for mobile crane 80.00 €
  • The handling of notifications from a service provider complying with the Port Services Directive is charged According to the Labour price list

RFID identifiers

  • Vehicle identifier, attached on the windscreen 50.00 €
  • Vehicle identifier, attached on the outer surface of the vehicle 80.00 €

A vehicle without a valid access permit can be granted a visitor’s permit allowing the holder to visit the closed port area once:

  • Visitor’s permit for a vehicle 20.00 €

The charges for the use of the harbour’s vehicle scales are:

  • For weighing of cargo per tonne (group and normal weighing) 0.33 €/tonne
  • Temporary weighing with a code (determining of vehicle mass 21.00 €/transport unit
  • Temporary weighing as a service from 1 Jan 2019 on 45.00 €/weighning
  • M-Scales user interface for companies 80.00 €/month
    – Invoicing interval for regular users is calendar month
  • Weighing charge invoice shall anyway total at least 21.00 €
  • Port of Turku Ltd charges for water provided to ships per m3 3.85 €/m3
  • When water is provided from fire hydrants, there will be an extra charge each time 10.00 €
  • The minimum charge for each time water is provided 30.00 €
  • In addition to the water charge, the oil harbour in Pansio charges for the transport of hoses etc. per hour 25.00 €/h

Ships in regular traffic can make a separate agreement on water supply.

  • Equipment rent per day (short-term) 10.00 €/day
    Rents of more than one month are agreed separately with the operative department.

The order for water shall be made at least 12 hours before the vessel needs the water.

A passenger ship in foreign or domestic traffic pays for each passenger that has bought a deck seat or cabin accommodation 0.85 €

No passenger charge is applied to those passengers of passenger ships, who have come from abroad but continue their trip aboard the same ship to another harbour abroad. An exception to this are passengers of a ship defined in Ship Charge Article 3 Section 3, to whom a passenger charge shall be applied according to the total passenger number as indicated above.

The figure indicating the ship’s net tonnage is used as the basis for the ship’s waste disposal charges. The waste disposal charges are calculated by multiplying the figure indicating the ship’s net tonnage by the unit price.

Waste disposal charge shall not be collected from ships that have a certificate granted by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom giving the right to deviate from the regulations concerning the compulsory disposal of ship waste.

Solid ship waste
  • Waste disposal charge charged for solid waste per net ton 0.03 €/NT
  • Minimum charge per visit 80.00 €
Black water (sewage)
  • Waste disposal charge charged for black water (sewage) per net ton 0.03 €/NT
  • Minimum charge per visit 24.00 €
  • Maximum charge per visit 68.00 €
  • Charge for the use of Port of Turku waste water reception facilities for cruise vessels collected from other users. The permission to use the facilities shall be requested from the Port. 5.00 €/m3
Oily waste
  • Waste disposal charge charged for oily waste per net ton 0.10 €/NT
  • Minimum charge per visit 100.00 €
  • A ship must notify Port of Turku or a representative waste disposal company of the waste and amount thereof at least 24 hours before arrival at the harbour, or immediately after leaving the previous harbour if the duration of the trip is less than 24 hours. Notification is made in a form confirmed by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.
  • If the order to collect the waste is placed less than 12 hours before the ship concerned arrives at the harbour, an additional charge of 100.00 euro is charged. 100.00 €
  • The ship or shipping company is charged for excessive amounts of waste and waste pumping time, compared to the ship’s normal use or traffic, according to the resulting expenses. The maximum amount of waste is limited to 20 m3 and the pumping time to 2 hours, thus also requiring that the ship pumps simultaneously.
  • Trucks collecting waste have a 30 meter long suction hose. There will be extra charge for a longer hose according to the waste disposal company’s invoice.
  • If the waste is requested to be collected from a closed area, for example the shipyard, the person placing the order should ensure free movement for the waste collector to, in and from the area in order to carry out the operation.
  • If there are delays and the pumping time is exceeded for reasons caused by the person placing the order, charged for every starting hour is 75.00 €
  • Port of Turku can grant a reduction concerning the disposal charge for oily waste if the ship can prove that it uses equipment, methods or such high-quality fuel that the amount of oily waste left ashore is less than normal.
Waste originating from cargo, hazardous waste and sulphur scrubber waste (flue gas scrubber waste)

The charge for waste originating from the vessel’s cargo, hazardous waste and sulphur scrubber waste shall be determined according to the resulting disposal costs plus the Port of Turku’s general cost of 12 per cent.

The berths in the river Aura downstream from Martinsilta bridge can be reserved from the Property Management Division. More information on City of Turku’s homepage.

Antti Pekanheimo

Chief Operating Officer

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