Attractive connections are built together

The Port of Turku is a flexibly operating hub for Scandinavian traffic and a boldly renewing node of maritime traffic. We want to strengthen the competitiveness of Finland’s business world by creating the best conditions for passenger traffic and cargo transports from Turku to Scandinavia and Continental Europe. Our streamlined port services ensure smooth flow of transports and continuing foreign trade. The most important thing for us is to develop the port together with our customers in a sustainable and reliable manner.


We will focus on functions supporting passenger traffic and transports of processed goods to Scandinavia and Central Europe.


Our operations in accordance with the strategy are based on customer-orientation, reliability, renewal, and sustainability.

Principal strategy

Our principal strategy is to strengthen the Port’s position in passenger and cargo traffic, and value added logistics.

Uninterrupted flow of cargo and passengers

Nearly 3.0 million tonnes of cargo and more than 3.0 million passengers pass through the Port of Turku annually. Thousands of experienced professionals in and near the port area see to it that the passengers and cargo are carried from port to port on time, safely, flexibly, and efficiently. The uninterrupted vessel traffic affects indirectly the everyday life of many people. Hence the Port works for the common well-being.

Moving forward sustainably

Our operating environment is continuously alive and changing. We are an active player and react quickly to changes that also affect the Port’s operations. At present, the biggest changes are related to environmental protection, urban planning, and digitalisation. The Port of Turku operates sustainably and persistently by looking after the environment and the well-being of people. We want to lead the development and use the latest technology in enhancing our operations.


Erik Söderholm

Managing Director

+358 50 5533 100