Premises and areas for rent

Warehousing services make the logistics chain stronger

The warehousing services located in the Port of Turku provide companies with an efficient and reliable link in the logistics chain of products. We are the leading distribution hub of Scandinavian transports in Finland. In addition to warehousing and distribution services, the port area offers a diverse range of logistical value added services, such as finishing and packaging of products. The majority of the warehouses and terminals are located in the immediate vicinity of the port, with a quick transfer to the main roads.

Diverse services

A wide range of warehousing services for long and short-time storage. Plenty of space and capacity.

Guarded outdoor area

There is plenty of tarmacked and guarded outdoor storage space for intermediate storage of vehicles and project shipments.

Top location

Warehouses and terminals are located in immediate vicinity of the Port. Uncongested and short drive to all main roads.

Capacity for diverse warehousing

There is a wide range of warehouse capacity in the Port of Turku. We offer different types of warehouse space for short and long-term use. The biggest logistics companies that provide warehousing and distribution services are located in the Ovako area next to Pansiontie road, and along the Turku bypass road. There is also plenty of warehouse space in the Pansio Harbour near the quays. Furthermore, outdoor storage areas suited to intermediate storage of e.g. vehicles and shipyard industry components are available both in the inner harbour and the Pansio Harbour area.

Free Zone Company for demanding needs

Turku Free Zone Company provides safe warehousing services for demanding needs. The company has, for example, refrigerated and temperature-regulated space for sensitive products. Thanks to large outdoor storage areas the warehousing of vehicles and heavy industry products can be easily arranged. Turku Free Zone Company also provides tax-free and duty-free warehousing, which serves importers of e.g. alcohol and products arriving from outside the EU.

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Warehousing and distribution space

There is a total of nearly 100,000 square metres of modern warehouse and terminal space available near the Port of Turku. Warehousing and distribution services are provided by the leading logistics companies. In addition to functional warehouse premises, we offer large tarmacked and guarded outdoor storage areas which are suited to intermediate storage of e.g. vehicles and large project shipments.

Smooth import of cars

We are one the leading ports for car imports in Finland. The port area has over 500,000 square metres of tarmacked and guarded outdoor storage space suited to storage of cars. The location of the areas works well in terms of logistics. The storage areas are situated in the vicinity of quays and just a short distance away from the main roads. Car imports are also supported by comprehensive PDI services.


  • The port’s biggest lorry terminals located in the area.
  • Video surveillance

  • Loading and unloading service
  • Cooling, refrigerated and heated storage
  • PDI services for vehicle imports

  • The port’s biggest distribution warehouses located in the area
  • Logistical added value services
  • Rail connection


square metres of warehouse and terminal space


square metres of guarded tarmac field areas

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