Truck services for drivers – everyday life made easier

Truck services in the Port of Turku offer the drivers a safe place for a break and relaxing rest. We have together with different providers developed services that make the everyday life of drivers easier, in order to support the smooth flow of truck transports in the best possible way. The most important service points for trucks are located nearby, and the Port’s clear traffic arrangements ensure trouble-free moving in the area. The road connections from the Port of Turku to the rest of Finland are fast and uncongested. Shipments can be dispatched quickly without unnecessary waiting.

Comprehensive services

The Port offers a wide range of services for drivers, including fuelling stations and facilities for rest and recreation.

Services near the port

Service points are located nearby, and the Port’s clear traffic arrangements ensure easy moving in the area.

Truck parking area

A safe rest stop for truck drivers between driving hours. Chance for rest and recreation.

Filling stations

There are several fuel filling stations in the Port of Turku area, of which the unmanned station on Pansiontie road is designed especially for the needs of heavy vehicles. The cards of all major companies are accepted. Finland’s first gas filling station for passenger cars, utility vehicles and heavy vehicles is located on Tuontiväylä street.

Cargo scale

Cargo scale is located in the port area in Linnanaukko district (see guide map for drivers) and is at the disposal of those visiting the Port. In addition to other vehicles, it is also possible to weigh long HCT articulated trucks on the scale. The weighing is performed as self-service using mScale mobile app.

Technical specifications:

  • Length 34 m (13 m + 13 m + 8 m)
  • Width 3 m
  • Height 635 mm
  • Weighing capacity 100 t
  • Display interval 50 kg
  • Max. uniform load 60 t / bridge element
  • Max. tandem-axle load 28 t
  • Max. axle load 20 t


Teemu Aaltonen

Deputy Harbour Master / Vessel services

+358 50 5533 184

Truck parking area and Seamen’s Mission

The Port of Turku’s truck parking area offers a safe place for parking for drivers of heavy vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the port. It’s just one kilometre away from the port, and there are fast connections e.g. to the E18 motorway, highway 8, and the Turku by-pass road. Local buses stop next to the parking area. Staying overnight in the port area is strictly prohibited.

The services of the truck parking area are supplemented by the nearby Seamen’s Mission, which offers a sauna and washing machines, as well as a variety of pastime and hobbies, such as reading, billiards, satellite TV and internet connection.