Safe moving in the port area

Safe moving in the port area is a requirement for efficient operating of the Port. The goal of the Port of Turku’s security measures is to prevent personal injuries and damage to property. A permission is always required for moving in the closed port area. By following the instructions you will improve the safety of yourself and other people moving in the area.

Vehicle traffic in the port area

The speed limit in the port area is generally 40 km / h. With the exception of gate zones and in the passenger port, where the speed limit is 20 km / h. Normal traffic rules and signs are observed in the port area:

  • driving in the vicinity of a vessel in the middle of loading or unloading is strictly prohibited
  • the lanes to be used are marked,
  • driving in container fields and quay areas is prohibited unless specifically required by an assignment ,
  • in the Pansio oil harbour driving vehicles to the quay area is strictly prohibited, if there is a vessel in the middle of loading or unloading.

Vehicles must not be brought to the port area to wait for a load. A separate truck parking area is available for waiting. Staying overnight in the port area is strictly prohibited. The port area is a cross traffic area where forklifts, other machines and trains move in addition to vehicles. Vehicles must give way to trains and machines.

the speed limit in the port area is generally 40 km/h. with the exception of gate zones and passenger port with a speed limit of 20 km/h.

If a vehicle or trailer has been placed in a field area against the Port’s orders, and the driver or owner does not take care of moving it, it can be moved by the port authorities at the expense of the person concerned.

Safety clothes

When working and moving outside a vehicle in the port area, one must always wear at least CE1-tagged protective/caution clothing.

Ice removal

Any ice must be removed from the roof of a container or trailer before starting on the road. The removal takes place in the ice removal place allotted for that purpose.


There is a cargo scale subject to a charge for weighing the load in the port area.

Idle running of vehicles

Idle running of vehicles is prohibited, as is the use of the diesel engine of a thermal unit.

Passengers in vehicles

No passengers should be taken to the restricted port area. The driver is responsible for the person in his or her vehicle.


Any accidents must be immediately reported to the Port Control.


Pauliina Roti

HR & Security Manager

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