Pansio Harbour offers room for development

The Pansio Harbour provides shipping companies and logistics companies with a working infrastructure suited to the import and export needs of trade and industry. The Pansio Harbour has a ro-ro harbour designed particularly for unitised cargo transports which offers large cargo handling facilities as well as excellent facilities for project shipments. There are two warehouse halls with a floor area of 5,000 square metres next to the quay, and more than 140,000 square metres of tarmacked outdoor storage area. Thanks to the large outdoor areas, the Pansio Harbour is ideally suited to serve car exports and imports as well as the needs of shipyard and other heavy industry located nearby.

Resources of Pansio


Ro-ro harbour

  • Data-based registration and follow-up
  • Area and gate control system
  • Vast fields


Ro-ro harbour

  • Field areas: 140,000 m2
  • Storage facilities: 10,100 m2
  • Railways: 7.8 km + connection to the national railway network
  • Berth depth: 9 m
  • Ro-ro berths: 1 pc

Logistics area

  • Field areas: 150,000 m2
  • Storage facilities: 17,000 m2

Oil harbour

Tank operators:

  • Teboil 63,500 m3
  • Altia 9,960 m3
  • Savaterra 6,000 m3
  • Wibax Tank 2,500 m3

Berth depth: 9 m