West Harbour focuses on cargo handling

The West Harbour area has been developed to serve ro-ro traffic, imports of vehicles, and demanding project shipments. The container terminal and four light-structured warehouse halls in the area enable handling of cargo in any weather conditions. In addition, the containers can be loaded and unloaded in the Port’s facilities instead of doing it in the customer’s premises. West Harbour offers container transport services and outdoor storage areas. High-capacity cranes, connection to the national rail network and good road connections to the rest of Finland ensure efficient export and import transports.

West harbour resources


  • Ro-ro services
  • Container terminal
  • Container depot
  • 2 CFS (Container Freight Station)
  • Dangerous Goods storage (IMDG)
  • Security-camera and passage control system
  • Data-based registration and follow-up system
  • Heating and cooling connections for containers


Field areas: 255,000 m²

Storage facilities:

  • Port of Turku 35,000 m²
  • Privately owned 8,500 m²

Railways: 4,1 km + connection to the national railway network

Quay length: 1,050 m

Berth depth: 8,5-10 m

  • 40/48 t gantry crane 1 pc
  • 35/46 t multi-function crane 1 pc
  • 10/60 t knuckleboom crane 1 pc

 Ro-ro berths: 5 pcs