Free zone and Ovako area respond to warehousing needs

Free zone is located in the immediate vicinity of the ro-ro quays. Comprehensive warehousing and goods handling services and safe premises allow for smooth and flexible services to export and import companies. Free zone’s guarded outdoor storage area of nearly 30 hectares is used by vehicle importers in particular. The warehouses in the area have around 30,000 square metres of indoor space, part of which is temperature-regulated for sensitive products. There are also diverse goods handling services available.

One of the largest logistics centers in Finland

Located along good traffic connections in the vicinity of the Free Zone Company, the Ovako area is one of the biggest and most modern logistics clusters in Finland which is being actively developed according to the logistics needs. The total area of the biggest distribution and warehousing terminal in the area is around 75,000 square metres. The Ovako area also houses logistics services specialised in specific lines of business, large truck terminals, and metal industry companies.


Free zone:

  • Load and unload service, cooling, cool and warm storage
  • PDI service for car import

Ovako area:

  • Railway connection
  • Good connections with the national road network


Field areas:

  • Free Zone 265,000 m2
  • Ovako area 370,000 m2

Storage facilities:

  • Free Zone 280,000 m2
  • Ovako area – privately owned 75,000 m2