Security instructions

Dangerous prevention requires foresight

In order to avoid danger situations, attention should be paid to the following issues:

Cargo handling

  • Observing the free fluid level during lifting and lowering
  • suitability of lifting equipment
  • lifting spots and division of weight
  • locking mechanisms in the correct position
  • inspected lifting devices

Vehicle traffic

  • Speed limits
  • taking into account crossing traffic and level crossing
  • noting the possible slippery driving lanes when water vapour rising from the harbor basin condenses on cold surfaces

Repair and service work in the port area

  • Repair and service shall not be carried out in the waiting areas for dangerous goods or the storage area.
  • Hot work carried out in a temporary place for hot work in the port area always requires a written hot work permit from the Site Manager of Port of Turku.


Pauliina Roti

Security Manager / Security services

+358 50 5533 123