Security in the port area

Action in case of emergency

Read through these instructions so you know what to do and how to help in the event of an emergency or hazardous situation. It is always better to call the emergency number (112) if you suspect a hazard or emergency is at hand. Safety is everyone’s business!

Order of action for the first person arriving in a scene of accident

Find out

  • what has happened
  • the number of people in need of help and the need for help.

Report the emergency

  • Call the emergency number 112. Give exact information about the place of accident, section of the port, quay, number of shelter.

Save people

  • Approach a dangerous target with care without risking your own or others’ health
  • first save those in mortal danger.

Prevent further accidents and give emergency first aid

Action in case of fire

Report the emergency

  • Use the fire alarm button or call the emergency number 112.
  • Also report the fire immediately to Port Control, tel. +358 2 267 4122.

Save those in immediate danger.

Extinguish and limit

  • Use hand extinguishers and hydrants, prevent the fire from spreading,
  • if the fire is in a building or shelter, close the doors.


  • Guide the rescue units to the site and give a report about the situation.

Emergency call about a chemical accident

When you call the emergency number 112, tell

  • what has happened
  • Is anyone hurt, what substance(s) is/are involved in the accident (class and UN No.)
  • is there a fire or a leak
  • is there a risk of an explosion or a fire
  • what is the accident site like (possible guidance to the area)
  • is there public traffic nearby
  • direction of the wind in the area.

Also report the accident immediately to Port Control, tel. +358 2 2674 122.

Pauliina Roti

HR & Security Manager

+358 50 5533 123