News in the Ferry Terminal Turku project – June 2023

Terminal planning

  • The architectural and special planning of the terminal is in progress. The plans will be completed according to the project schedule at the end of October 2023. Negotiations with the authorities related to the planning and preparations for permits are in progress.

Quay planning

  • The structural planning of the quays will be implemented by Profund Oy.
  • The electrical planning of the quays will be implemented by Insinööritoimisto Eriksson Oy and the plumbing and heating planning by Insinööritoimisto Aalto-Setälä Oy.

Area and traffic planning

  • The purchasing of area and traffic planning is in progress. The purchasing decision will be made by the end of August. The planning work is intended to start in September 2023.

To be started during the summer

  • Purchasing of adjustable main deck ramps for ferry berths.
  • Purchasing of passenger corridors and bridges; the architectural look and a temporary passenger corridor will be taken into account in the purchasing.

Official matters

The following official matters are being processed/prepared:

  • Building permit of the terminal building.
  • Amendments to the environmental permit (will be updated and submitted in 2023–2024).