Town plan for Ferry Terminal Turku gained legal force

NEWS - Town plan for Ferry Terminal Turku gained legal force

The town plan for Ferry Terminal Turku entered into force on 16 December 2023 when the City announced it by a public notice. Public notice can be found (in Finnish) on the website of the city of Turku >>>
Following the entry into force, Port of Turku Ltd is able to continue the planning of the project.

A private individual lodged a complaint about the decision made by the Turku City Council in June in which it approved the proposed town plan named Ferry Terminal Turku. The Turku Administrative Court rejected the complaint, because it deemed that the decision of the City Council was in accordance with the law.

The City of Turku and Port of Turku requested that the decision be made by the Administrative Court in expedited procedure. The City Council decided in late August to request that the Court “process this complaint concerning the town plan significant to society in expedited procedure”. The request was taken into account, and the decision was issued just two and a half months later, which is an exceptionally short time in case of town plans.

No complaint on the town plan was lodged in the Supreme Administrative Court.

The project management consultant is Ramboll CM, and assistance with purchases is provided by Hankintakumppanit.