News in the Ferry Terminal Turku project – February 2023


The planning of the quays included in the project will continue as follows:

  • Berth no. 23 will be repaired for use by Tallink Silja in the first stage. After that berth no. S2 (Tallink Silja’s current berth) will be repaired for use by Viking Line.
  • The planning of berth no. 23 and the contract calculation for the quay are in progress and will be completed by June 2023.
  • The planning of berth no. S2 will continue after the completion of the L23 planning, and it is tentatively due for completion in September 2024.

The invitation to tender for berth no. 23 will commence during spring 2023. Those goal is to have the work started in autumn 2023.

Outdoor field areas

The traffic and area planning of the joint outdoor area continues based on the City’s decision on the passenger rail connection. The City Board decided to choose the option in which the rail connection to the Port and the new terminal approaches from the direction of Pahaniemi district. The railway tracks would go along the northern route next to the current Auriga building and to the vicinity of the new joint terminal. The arrangements for the outdoor field areas have also been discussed with the authorities.

Official matters

The following official matters are being processed/prepared:

  • The amendment of the city plan in the Ferry Terminal Turku area (tentatively in force in 6/2023). The amendment of the city plan enables the implementation of the new terminal and the related buildings, traffic connections and parking arrangements.