Winner declared in Port of Turku’s architectural competition for Ferry Terminal Turku

News - 2022 - FTT architectural competition is over

The winner of the architectural competition organised for selecting the principal and architectural designer for the Port of Turku’s new passenger terminal is the proposal named ORIGAMI.

The architectural competition organised by the Port of Turku for the passenger terminal within the Ferry Terminal Turku project started in autumn 2021, and the winner was chosen by a unanimous decision of the jury from among the three proposals that proceeded to the second phase of the competition. All proposals were handled anonymously during the competition, and the winning proposal was designed by PES-Architects Ltd.

”All proposals in phase two of the competition were of high quality. Of those, the jury chose the proposal in which the goals set for functionality were best fulfilled and which at the same time fits excellently the surroundings and landscape of the evolving Linnanniemi district. The winning proposal provides us with a good basis for further development of the passenger terminal. In the upcoming development phase the client’s project management will focus on cost-efficiency as well as improving the functionality and use of the premises in particular, in co-operation with the future users, designers and project management contractors”, says Erik Söderholm, Managing Director of Port of Turku Ltd who acted as the chairman of the jury.

Winning proposal offers flamboyance and movement

The jury thought that ORIGAMI matched best the goals set for the terminal. The exceptional and expressive architecture of ORIGAMI pleased the jury. People often go on a cruise to take a break from the daily grind, and the appearance of the terminal building sets the passengers in the right mood for a sea voyage. The proposal has flamboyance and movement. The architecture is based on oblique triangular surfaces; play with steel, glass and aluminium. The shape has maritime symbolism associated with the skin of salmon and steel ship, although ORIGAMI as a name refers to a different world, but the metaphor of a Japanese paper sculpture is charming.

The building technology solutions are thought over from the point of view of maintenance, and the building’s “raincoat” made of aluminium provides a long lifespan. The plan for arriving in the area is successful and the indoor car park supports the architecture. Separating short-term parking and escort traffic works particularly well, and the square fits in naturally. The building is flexible and modifiable, and the interior is airy. The wooden wall in the entrance lobby adds warmth to the world of glass, steel and aluminium. The mood in the building becomes more peaceful when moving up, and there is a nice view to the sea. The terraces in conjunction with the lobby offer seats with a great view toward Linnanniemi.

“To be invited to this prestigious competition was a big honor for us. It´s a pleasure to start planning the new terminal in collaboration with the Port of Turku. Terminal architecture serves its users both for everyday travel as well as on more special occasions and is a familiar design area for us. The will to put an effort in the planning of transport buildings is very valuable”, says the main designer of the competition proposal, architect SAFA Tuomas Silvennoinen from PES-Architects Ltd.

An agreement on principal and architectural design will be made with the winning architecture agency. The work will continue with a development phase in co-operation with the other parties. The development phase will commence in late summer 2022 and extend to spring 2023, when the project will shift to the implementation phase. The goal is to have the new passenger terminal in use by early 2026.