Ramboll CM Oy elected project management consultant for Ferry Terminal Turku

News - 2021 - Ramboll FTTs project management consultant

The project management and supervision services for the Port of Turku’s Ferry Terminal Turku (FTT) project will be purchased from Ramboll CM Oy. The service agreement was signed on 17 September 2021. The most important objective of the FTT project is to build a new joint passenger terminal for use of Viking Line Abp and Tallink Silja Oy. The project management services include overall management of the project, general planning, guidance and fitting together of all project partners, securing the smooth flow of the project, and ensuring that the project keeps within the schedule and budget. The project supervision services include, among other things, supervision of quay construction, outdoor areas, traffic arrangements, and different sectors of the construction of the terminal building.

The co-operation is starting immediately to ensure seamless progress of the project. From 2021–2022 the main focus will lie in purchases and planning, and from 2023 on the focus will shift to implementation. The new joint terminal is estimated to be completed at the turn of the year 2025/2026.

“Ramboll has strong experience and expertise in building of real estate and management of projects of different sizes. Their services in the steering, management and supervision of the project will complement the expertise of the Port of Turku’s own project team in the implementation of the major investment”, says Erik Söderholm, Managing Director of the Port of Turku.

”We have ahead of us a very interesting project in which the importance of co-operation will be emphasised. Challenges in the coming years include e.g. fitting together the work done on quays and in the terminal, and above all the traffic arrangements during the project. We are tackling the challenge with confidence, as we have strong experience in project management of port and sea fairway projects from recent years”, says Tommi Jalkanen, Director at Ramboll CM Oy.