Demolition of the customs pavilion

News - 2023 - Vanha tullipaviljonki

As part of the Ferry Terminal Turku project, the old passenger and customs pavilion at the end of the Kanavaniemi will be demolished by the end of the year. Before demolition, during 2022, the fresco Gateway to the East and West painted by Hilkka Toivola and bronze relief Waiting on the shore by Jussi Vikainen were detached from the building.

Bits of history of the old passenger and customs pavilion:

  • In the latter half of the 19th century the cape of the Port and Ruissalo island were linked by a bridge. It was demolished at the beginning of the 1910s, and an octagonal customs pavilion in art nouveau style, designed by city architect J. Eskil Hindersson and known as “Otkantti”, was built on the cape.
  • In 1956, a passenger pavilion designed in the City of Turku Building Department under supervision of city architect A.S. Sandelin was built in place of the customs pavilion. A lot of attention went into its impressive interiors. The wall in the lobby was covered by artist Hilkka Toivola’s fresco painting Gateway to the East and West. Those approaching from the sea were greeted by the bronze relief on the building façade, Waiting on the shore by artist Jussi Vikainen.
  • In 1972, Silja Line’s new octagonal terminal was completed on the north side of the passenger pavilion, and the old passenger pavilion was renovated for the need of Port Control and customs operations.