Get to know our staff – Harbour Master Antti Pekanheimo

Harbour Master Antti Pekanheimo is responsible for the Port’s operations, crane and vessel services.

Get to know our staff – Marketing Manager Marjo Saviranta

We introduce our own professionals in the #workingintheharbour series. Marketing Manager Marjo Saviranta co-ordinates and manages the Port’s marketing and communication on the whole. Her duties include e.g. arranging of customer events and fair exhibitions.

Get to know our staff – Communications Assistant Aija Kallio

Communications Assistant Aija Kallio works in the Port’s marketing team, where she started in 2009. Aija, who has completed the vocational qualification in graphic design, is responsible inter alia for various graphic projects, such as invitations and fair stands.

Get to know our staff – Shift Supervisor Timo Jokiranta

Shift Supervisor Timo Jokiranta works in Port Control as Shift Supervisor of vessel services and crane operations. In practice it means co-operation with the shipping company agents and supervising of work when a ship arrives, is moored and unmoored, and water is supplied, as well as crane operations. Timo and his colleagues run the Port … Read more

Get to know our staff – Development Manager Markku Alahäme

Development Manager Markku Alahäme is responsible for the Port’s quality and safety systems as well as environmental issues. In addition, his job involves various projects, such as EU and training projects, and other development work.

Get to know our staff – Handyman Timo Rahkonen

Handyman Timo Rahkonen works in Port Control, operates a crane and also does technical work in the Port where needed: ploughs snow, washes outdoor areas, driving lanes and other port areas, and spreads sand on outdoor areas and driving lanes.