All-rounder of maritime working environment


Working in Port of Turku’s Maintenance Services, Juha Valonen is a long-time port employee and an all-rounder of harbour work. Previously he worked in the research unit of the Finnish Maritime Administration from where he transferred to Port of Turku’s Port Control unit in in mid 2000s.

”I wanted to change for a new job, because in my previous positions I had to travel a lot. When the children were small, it felt better to work in one location”, Juha says.

Diverse work history

Juha’s duties in the Port have changed according to situations and needs. He has had a chance to work at various tasks in different units.

”My first permanent job in the Port was in the dredging unit. My partner and I dredged the fairways in the Port. In addition to dredging, we took care of maintenance of different safety devices at sea, such and buoys and spar buoys. After the dredging, I worked for some time as a dock worker at the Ruissalo boatyard. There my job included maintenance and transfers of boats”, Juha reminisces.

Maintenance, construction and machinery

Recently Juha’s duties have focused on different maintenance tasks.

”My job description is versatile. I still contribute to the maintenance of navigation marks and other safety devices on fairways. In addition, I do different technical work, such as construction, demolition and repairs, and drive machines”, Juha lists.

Sea is a preferred element

As the best side of his job Juha mentions great colleagues and the maritime atmosphere.

”I originally came to Turku, because I was attracted by the sea. I’m satisfied with my job here in the Port of Turku. It’s nice that each day at work is different, but sometimes the surprises make it straining. Positive attitude and sense of humour with colleagues will get you through anything”, he says.

Juha also enjoys the water element at leisure.

”I’m an enthusiastic exerciser, and swimming in particular is important to me. Wherever I go, I always take a swim. You could say that I have swum all over the world. I also swim in the winter. The sea nature gives me calm and happiness”, he says.