The Port of Turku’s goal is to minimise the environmental hazards caused by the port operations. The environmental impacts of own operations are constantly monitored and the same is also required from the partners and subcontractors. The Port will note the views of different stakeholders in the development of the environmental issues and co-operates with both national and international organisations.

Focal points of environmental work

The Port of Turku’s environmental work focuses on protection of the Archipelago Sea and energy and climate issues. The Port of Turku participates in the Baltic Sea initiative started by the Cities of Turku and Helsinki, and actively promotes e.g. the introduction of environmentally sound fuels, such as liquefied natural gas, in vessel traffic.

The individual measures for improving environmental issues and minimising the environmental impacts are determined in the Port’s environmental programme. In addition, the Port draws up annually an environmental report which collects the measures and follow-up implemented during the year. The work for the environment is based on a certified environmental system.

Environmental discounts

The Port of Turku has been using environmental port charges since 2006. From the beginning of 2015 the amount of discount has been bound to the nitrogen oxide emissions of the vessel, the aim being to guide the shipping companies to introduce technology for reducing emissions.

The price reductions based on environmental impacts are also applied in waste management. Reductions in the charges for solid waste management are granted to vessels that sort their waste in the way approved by the Port.

More detailed information on the discounts can be found under Charges: Vessel charges and waste management charges.

Waste management

In addition to the basic waste management of the vessel traffic and the port area, the Port of Turku is responsible for the waste management of its own premises. The other premises and their tenants shall arrange their waste management by themselves. The Port of Turku has separate instructions on waste management for vessels and companies operating in the area and for companies representing the ships. See also the waste management instructions.

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