Reducing the impacts of dredging

The factor of port operations that affects most the loading on waterways in Turku is the dredging of the seabed. Implemented by the Port of Turku, the dredging secures the operability of the ship fairways leading to the port and the water areas in the port. Most of it is maintenance dredging to ensure that the official fairway depths notified to seafarers are accurate.

Disposal of dredging masses on land reduces the impacts of dredging on local water areas

We have decided together with the City of Turku on stopping the disposal of dredging masses in the sea by 2024 at the latest. In practice, we have transitioned to land disposal, significantly reducing the impact of dredging activities on the nearby waters and the Airisto sea area.

Dredged materials are now being placed on the northern shore of Hirvensalo at Lauttaranta, which obtained an environmental permit in late 2020. By depositing the sediments from dredging into the existing reclaimed land, we can plan and construct a new, maritime residential area in the Latokari region.

Development of dredging activities allows us to reduce the impacts on the water system caused by dredging. It has great significance on the well-being of the organisms in the sea areas.

In addition to Lauttaranta, efforts will be made to promote the utilization of other potential sites in the future. A joint working group between the City of Turku and Turku Port has been initiated to explore the establishment of suitable disposal areas after Lauttaranta for future land disposal.


Markku Alahäme

Technical Director

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