The Port of Turku has prepared for preventing the spreading of the coronavirus. The Port follows the instructions of various authorities and those of the City of Turku. In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading the following measures are in effect until further notice.


Discounted vessel charges serve as incentives

We have encouraged shipping companies to take the environment into account by granting environmental discounts on vessel charges. The discounts are intended to guide shipping companies to introduce technology for reducing the emissions. The price reductions based on environmental impacts are also applied in waste management. Reductions in the charges for solid waste management are granted to vessels that sort their waste in the way approved by the Port.

Environmental sustainability concerns everyone. Environmental discounts act as an efficient incentive to the shipping companies for the development of their stock of vessels.

The grounds for environmental discounts updated

We updated the grounds for the environmental discounts of vessels in 2020 to follow the Clean Shipping Index classification which is also used in Sweden. The classification is broader than our previously used environmental discount system that was only based on the nitrogen emissions of the vessel. Thus the CSI classification allows us to look at the environmental safety of vessels as a larger whole.


Markku Alahäme

Technical Director

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