Noise preventions are committed in many ways

The noise from port operations is largely regulated through the provisions in the Port’s environmental permits. The noise level of the port is controlled through noise reports which examine the noise emissions from port operations in different situations and compare the noise values to those determined in the Port’s environmental permits. The latest noise measurement in the inner harbour was performed at the turn of the year 2020-2021, and the next one is taking place in 2025. The environmental noise situation in the Pansio Harbour will be followed in the future according to the same schedule as the inner harbour. The ro-ro traffic in Pansio has been transferred to the inner harbour until further notice due to longer vessels.

Decrease of noise impacts will be emphasised in the future

Most of the noise of the port operations is caused by vessel calls, loading and unloading, and the vehicle traffic to and from the Port. In the Port of Turku, noise is occasional, focusing on the hours around the daily departures of passenger vessels in the morning and evening.

Prevention of noise in the Port has great significance for the future Turku. Residential areas are drawing closer to the port areas, which has created a strong incentive for the development work.

The decreasing of noise impacts will be increasingly emphasised in the future, as the residential areas and services of the city-centre are expanding towards the Port. Noise from port operations has been clarified, among other things in connection with Ferry Terminal Turku station planning.


Markku Alahäme

Technical Director

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