New Aboard updates our communication to today

Welcome to examine the Port of Turku’s new Aboard online magazine. By switching from the printed magazine to an online publication we can provide more topical and versatile communication that better fulfils our readers’ need for information.

A thousand fairways to Finland

Last year pilots prevented 29 serious accidents on Finnish waters. It is an interesting piece of information at a time when the first steps in remote piloting are being taken. Instead of an experienced live pilot, a professional with the training of a sea captain, there would be just technology. Yet such development has been … Read more

European Parliament prepares the terms for smart traffic

The European Parliament is preparing new solutions for smart traffic. Robot trucks are already being expected and their arrival is anticipated. Brussels is also getting ready for the automation of maritime traffic.

Extra-long articulated vehicle is green

DB Schenker currently uses HCT (High Capacity Transport) vehicles on two trunk routes in Finland, Turku–Vantaa and Sipoo–Seinäjoki. The goods carried between the terminals in Turku and Vantaa mainly consist of foreign and domestic general cargo.

Ice cream with solid principles

Sia ice cream, a Swedish classic, is always made from fresh cream. The ice cream is carried from Halmstad, near Gothenburg, on Scandic Trans trucks via the Port of Turku to gourmets all over Finland.

Port of Turku participates in the Digiport project

The Port of Turku is participating in the Digiport project which aims at renewing the business opportunities of ports through digitalisation and open data and finding new ways for ports to utilise the digital transition in their business operations.

Hours of preparation ensure smooth loading

Field supervisor Heidi Lehtonen and other professionals working in the port are responsible for the supervision and smooth flow of cargo at Tallink Silja. Varying duties and the flexibility of the employer have kept her in the port for over 10 years.

Positive structural change brings favourable winds

Positive structural change has taken over Southwest Finland. The employment rate of the province is growing fast and already exceeds the national average. The unemployment rate has considerably decreased in the Turku region as well as the Vakka-Suomi and Salo regions.

Climate change brings green thinking to logistics

Green logistics is a concept consisting of various activities, and the goal to reduce the environmental impacts is included in the management of the whole supply chain. The promotion of green logistics is required by the European Union’s energy and climate strategy for year 2030, which sets tight goals for emissions, especially greenhouse gases.

Developing road connections secure efficient transports to and from the port

The Port of Turku is known for its good and fast road connections. In recent years, the main routes for port traffic have undergone considerable development, and plans for further improvement of key roads are proceeding well towards implementation. In addition to speed and safety, the cost-efficiency of transports will be enhanced.