An exceptional year is behind us – Year of the Port of Turku 2020

Year 2020 will go down in history as a very exceptional period of time. The positive outlook early in the year quickly turned uncertain as a result of the global news about the pandemic, and in March the coronavirus epidemic also arrived in Finland.

Throwback Thursday December 28th.

This year Finland is celebrating 100 years of independence. To honor the anniversary we publish a series of photos from the Port of Turku archives themed Throwback Thursday.

Growing with tiles

Turku Free Zone Company is rapidly growing to become a comprehensive logistics service provider. The new contract with ceramic tile manufacturer Pukkila is a big step for the company. Founded in 1874, Pukkila made a decision two years ago to transfer its production from Turku to Portugal. When the old premises in Pitkämäki district in … Read more

Turku Free Zone Company is constructing two new warehouses

New warehouses are rising in the immediate vicinity of the port and total storage capacity is going to be about 7000 square meters.