Intensified security control in the Port of Turku

An intensive security control campaign was carried out in our port area on Friday 27.11. The goal of the intensive control morning is to ensure safe passage for everyone in the port area.

The installation of the automooring equipment is proceeding as planned

Cavotec’s MoorMaster, an automatic attachment and detachment system, arrived in our port in early July. The automatic vacuum-based ship automooring system, developed in New Zealand, will be installed at Viking Line’s berth by the end of the year and will be used by both M/S Viking Grace and M/S Viking Glory which is currently under … Read more

Contract for automooring equipment was signed in port of Turku

The Port of Turku Ltd and Cavotec Finland Oy signed contract to purchase automooring equipment yesterday. The automooring system is used to develop the speed and efficiency of the stay of ships in the port, the management of environmental impacts of vessel traffic, and occupational safety of personnel.

The last large-scale training of the HAZARD project was organized in the Port of Turku

The 12th and final large-scale training of the HAZARD project took place on 28 November in the Port of Turku. Southwest Finland Emergency Services was responsible for the planning and execution of the exercise.

Confirmed by recent inspection – port structures are in safe condition

The underwater quay structures in the Port of Turku were inspected using VRT Finland Oy’s multibeam sonar method. Based on the inspection the structures are in appropriate condition.

Dredging contributes to the safety of seafaring

Dredging means making a waterway deeper or improving it by mechanically removing sediment i.e. soil accumulated at the bottom of the waterway. In addition to removal of sediment, dredging also involves looking after the dredging masses and their final disposal in a suitable location.

New safety shower unit taken into operation from start of June

Storage area for hazardous materials in West Harbour received a new safety shower unit. It replaces the old well serviced shower unit and improves daily work safety during loading and unloading operations. Safety showers are generally used when there is a risk of an accident where chemicals or fire can cause injuries.