Dangerous goods

The currently valid regulations for the handling of dangerous goods shall be complied with in the Port of Turku. See instructions on the notifications required by the transports.

Regulations to be complied with

The currently valid safety instructions based on the following shall be complied with in the Port of Turku Ltd’s area:

  • regulations on dangerous goods in bulk: IBC code, BCH code
  • regulations on dangerous goods as general cargo: IMDG code
  • regulations on the prevention of pollution of waters by liquid fuels and vessels: Marpol 73/78.
Advance notification

An advance notification must be submitted on all dangerous goods to be transported via the Port of Turku 24 hours before the delivery of the cargo unit to the port at the latest. The client is responsible for the notification.

Preliminary inquiry

In addition to an advance notification, a preliminary inquiry and permission from the Port of Turku is required for transporting dangerous goods that belong to IMDG classes 1 (excluding 1.4S), 5.2 and 7 (excluding nos. 2908-2911) via the port. The inquiry must be submitted to the Port of Turku three days before the delivery.

Packed dangerous substances under the IMDG code

The transportation and storage of packed dangerous goods must be carried out both in the port and on board vessels in accordance with the IMDG code under the SOLAS convention of the International Maritime Organization IMO. Individual packages must carry labels in accordance with the IMDG code.

The IMDG code labels on empty transport units may not be removed before the unit has been properly cleaned. The IMDG code labels shall be removed from cleaned units, otherwise they are considered to contain the cargo they most recently contained