The Port of Turku has prepared for preventing the spreading of the coronavirus. The Port follows the instructions of various authorities and those of the City of Turku. In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading the following measures are in effect until further notice.



The Port of Turku brochures and guides provide information on the services and activities of the Port. All brochures and guides are available for downloading and printing in pdf format. Some of the publications can also be found in electronic form in Issuu.

Annual report 2020

Year 2020 will go down in history as a very exceptional period of time. The positive outlook early in the year quickly turned uncertain as a result of the global news about the pandemic, and in March the coronavirus epidemic also arrived in Finland.

Annual report in pdf format

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Environmental report 2020

We carry out long-term and systematic environmental work that is based on practical measures. Our goal is to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations on land, at sea and in air. In addition to the unique nature of the Baltic Sea and Archipelago Sea we pay special attention to the requirements of the residential areas that are located near the Port and are drawing nearer, when it comes to e.g. reducing the volume of traffic and forwarding it smoothly past the residential areas.

Environmental report in pdf format

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Port of Turku vision 2025

Our core task is to ensure that passengers and cargo are carried from port to port on time, safely, flexibly and efficiently. With continuous renewal, and with continuously improving competitiveness. We develop new solutions for enhancing vessel traffic and thus making the route via Turku even more profitable.

We aim at that e.g. by building a joint passenger terminal and by reorganising the vehicle traffic and parking arrangements in the terminal area and the functionality of the port area on the whole.

Port of Turku vision 2025 in pdf format

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Safetyguide – Port of Turku

The safety measures of the Port of Turku aim at preventing personal injuries and damage to property. See instructions for safe use of port services.

Safetyguide in pdf format

Trade and seafaring – Port of Turku 860 years

Turku was known as a lively trading post as early as the Iron Age, when Baltic, Swedish and Novgorodian merchant ships sailed to the banks of the River Aura to trade goods. Turku became one of the key ports in the Baltic Sea in the 13th century when the cogs of Hanseatic traders dominated the view in the river harbour.

Trade and seafaring – Port of Turku 860 years in pdf format

Cruise destination Turku (made in cooperation with Visit Turku)

Turku, a pearl of the Baltic, is Finland’s number one summer destination. Bisecting Turku city centre, the river Aura flows through the most beautiful cityscape; past great restaurants, cafes bursting with atmosphere, perceptive works of city art as well as fascinating museums.
Turku is a particularly fitting cruise destination – it is, after all, the place where the world’s largest cruise ships are built.

Cruise destination Turku in pdf format

Turku Cruise Port

The Port of Turku is Finland’s gateway to Scandinavia. It is in a sheltered location on the southwestern coast, where the river Aura meets Turku archipelago sea. Arriving in Turku through the spectacular archipelago with around 20,000 islands is an unforgettable experience.

Turku cruise Port in pdf format

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