Truck services

Truck traffic and drivers are an important customer group for the Port of Turku. That’s why we have together with different providers developed services that make the everyday life of drivers easier and offer them opportunities for rest and recreation, for example while waiting for entry into ship. You will find the key service points and locations of the port gates on the map.

Filling stations

There are several fuel filling stations in the Port of Turku area, of which the unmanned station on Pansiontie road is designed especially for the needs of heavy vehicles. The cards of all major companies are accepted. Finland’s first gas filling station for passenger cars, utility vehicles and heavy vehicles is located on Tuontiväylä street.

Cargo scale

The cargo scale of the Port is located in the port facility at Linnanaukko, see map.

The cargo scale is a PivotexScalex 1600A
Cargo carrying capacity (max): 100,000 kg
Verification scale interval (e): 50 kg

The actual weighing is performed by the customer using a scale credit card.

The cargo scale can be used for weighing railway carriages and other large units. The length of the scale bridge is 13 metres. If the length of the weighed unit exceeds 13 metres, the unit can be weighed according to axle load. Instructions for both types of weighing are available under this link and on the scale booth noticeboard.

The scale credit card can be obtained against the current rate from the Traffic Department of the Port of Turku. Tel. +358 2 2674 127/Maarit Kääriä.

Cash weighing without credit card, price 21 euro + VAT. Contact the Crane office, tel. +358 2 2674 198.

Truck parking area and Seamen’s Mission

The Port of Turku’s truck parking area offers a safe place for parking for drivers of heavy vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the port. It’s just one kilometre away from the port, and there are fast connections e.g. to the E18 motorway, highway 8, and the Turku by-pass road. Local buses stop next to the parking area.

The services of the truck parking area are supplemented by the nearby Seamen’s Mission, which offers a sauna and washing machines, as well as a variety of pastime and hobbies, such as reading, billiards, satellite TV and internet connection. Lunch is available on weekdays.