The Port of Turku has prepared for preventing the spreading of the coronavirus. The Port follows the instructions of various authorities and those of the City of Turku. In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading the following measures are in effect until further notice.


Jobs in the Port form an integral unity

The task of the Port of Turku is to ensure safe, flexible and profitable vessel traffic between Finland and the rest of Europe now and in the future. That is enabled by the professionals working in our different departments. Each port employee is an important part of our common story. We have served as a gateway to the west for nearly 870 years. Our core task has remained the same throughout the centuries, but our work has assumed new forms and methods. At all times we serve our customers with a positive approach and develop our operations by doing things together.

Diverse group of professionals

The Port’s functional main processes comprise of vessel services and rental operations. In addition, the Port operates support processes related to construction, maintenance, economy and administration, marketing and communication, as well as environment and security.

The Port’s Operative Department comprises of two different functions: Vessel Services and Security Services. The employees working in these units take care of organising vessel traffic and operative measures related thereto as well as general security in the port area, access control, and supervision of the safety of transport and goods handling.

The Port’s Technical Department comprises of three different functions: Maintenance Services, Construction Services, and Electrical Services. The employees working in these units take care of the repair and maintenance work of the land and water areas needed for maintaining and developing the port operations and the structures, building and other technical devices and equipment related thereto. The unit is also responsible for building development.

The Economy and Administration unit comprises of two different functions: Personnel Section and Economy Section. The employees working in these units are responsible for the Port’s finance on the whole and develop personnel-related functions to place expert employees in the right positions to carry out productive and meaning work in the Port.

The employees working in Sales know our present customers and strive to acquire new ones. The Sales Department is also responsible for the Port’s rental processes and renting of vacant premises and land areas, as well as drawing up of agreements.

The Marketing and Communication team is responsible for e.g. multi-channel internal and external communication and marketing, arranging of marketing and customer events, and maintaining contacts with different stakeholders.


Kim Söderström

Finance and Administration Director

+358 44 9074 515