Waste management in the Port

The Port of Turku is responsible for arranging basic waste management for vessel traffic and the port area as well as its own buildings. The Port has specific waste management instructions for vessels and companies operating in the area and separately for agents of ships.

Waste management guidelines are followed in the port area

Waste management instructions of the Port of Turku shall be complied with in the reception and handling of vessel waste in the port area. A party that breaches the waste management instructions shall be liable to compensate to the Port of Turku regarding additional costs.

Waste management plan as basis for operations

Port of Turku Ltd’s waste management plan covers the waste both from vessels and port operations. Vessels and other operators in the port area shall use the same fixed waste containers in the port area. Local waste management regulations and procedure related thereto (waste management regulations of Southwest Finland) have been taken into account in the planning of waste management. The Port’s current waste management arrangements are implemented together with companies operating in the Port of Turku.

The Port’s waste management procedures are included in the certified operations system (combined quality, environmental and safety system) based on which the operations are followed and developed continuously. One of the starting points for the development of operations is the feedback and suggestions for improvement received from customers.

Reporting about defects

If you notice any defects in the reception equipment or reception procedures of vessel waste arranged by the port, please contact Port Control, tel. +358 2 2674 122.

Teemu Aaltonen

Deputy Harbour Master / Vessel services

+358 50 5533 184