Access passes

Permission is required for photography in the port area

A photography permission is required for taking photos in the Port of Turku area. If the photography takes place in the area of a company operating in the port, the said company’s permission for photography is also required. Photography refers to both still photographs and video footage. A photography permission is also required for the use of a drone. The permission shall always be applied for in advance, and the purpose of the photos or video footage shall be stated in the application. It is recommended to read the safety instructions on the Port’s website beforehand. The photographer must note that the pictures must not show the machines, people or cargo of other operators working in the port, other than what is permitted by the permit.

Wear reflective clothing

For the safety of themselves and others, the photographer shall after obtaining photography permit wear appropriately reflective clothing (CE1-tagged protective/caution clothing). Particular caution shall be observed in the port area to avoid dangerous situations.

Applying for a photography permit

To obtain a photography permit, contact


Pauliina Roti

HR & Security Manager

+358 50 5533 123