Port of Turku supporting Mercy Ships Hospital Ships


The charity event Mercy Ships Race, organized in conjunction with Maritime Day, will take place in Mariehamn on May 22nd. The purpose of the event is to raise funds for Mercy Ships and their hospital ships operating in Africa, the Global Mercy and the Africa Mercy.

The registration fee paid by participants in the event goes directly to Mercy Ships to enable them to provide free, high-quality healthcare through their hospital ships and to promote healthcare capacity building and sustainable development in low-income countries.

Mercy Ships is a Christian-based volunteer organization that operates hospital ships. The organization has been active since 1978, bringing hope to people who otherwise lack access to medical care. The hospital ships are staffed with volunteer doctors, nurses, sailors, IT personnel, and other professionals. Over 1,300 people volunteer annually as crew members of Mercy Ships.

The Port of Turku supports this good cause by paying the registration fee for each Port representative participating in the event. The Mercy Ships Race thus marks the starting point for the Port’s participation in the Maritime Day event.