Get to know our staff – Handyman Timo Rahkonen

2018 – Personal presentation Timo Rahkonen

Handyman Timo Rahkonen works in Port Control, operates a crane and also does technical work in the Port where needed: ploughs snow, washes outdoor areas, driving lanes and other port areas, and spreads sand on outdoor areas and driving lanes.

”Diversity is a positive thing, it makes the working days different. Each day and ship is also different in terms of crane operating. That also adds challenge, variation and interest to work. The duties of Port Control include, for example, mooring and unmooring of ships, supplying water to vessels, and guarding. We also keep the Port clean by different means, and provide a wide variety of services to the vessels.”

Timo comes originally from Kokkola. He worked there in the port as a stevedore for a few years, then as crane operator in ports, industry and construction sites, and around ten years on the road. Now he thinks it’s a big plus to be able to work in the same place.

“I enjoy my work. I think that enjoying your work is a great strength for the employee, employer, and customers.”