Business-oriented development of the customer experience

We recently commissioned a customer survey conducted by Corporate Spirit Oy which aimed at identifying the strengths and areas for further development in the Port’s customer experience, as well as supporting and developing the customer experience provided by the Port personnel. Our goal is to create a basis for the development of a strategic customer … Read more

Port’s customer satisfaction continues at a high level

The Port of Turku’s own annual customer satisfaction survey was performed in December 2018. The survey was sent to a similar group of the Port’s key customers and partners as in previous years. Satisfaction with the Port of Turku was at the same high level as in 2017.

Customer satisfaction at a good level in the Port of Turku

We asked our customers their opinion on the Port’s services. Based on the answers received, the customers are mostly satisfied with our operations, but there is also room for improvement. Most answers came from transport companies and shipping companies.