Get to know our staff – Shift Supervisor Timo Jokiranta

Shift Supervisor Timo Jokiranta works in Port Control as Shift Supervisor of vessel services and crane operations. In practice it means co-operation with the shipping company agents and supervising of work when a ship arrives, is moored and unmoored, and water is supplied, as well as crane operations. Timo and his colleagues run the Port … Read more

Get to know our staff – Development Manager Markku Alahäme

Development Manager Markku Alahäme is responsible for the Port’s quality and safety systems as well as environmental issues. In addition, his job involves various projects, such as EU and training projects, and other development work.

Confirmed by recent inspection – port structures are in safe condition

The underwater quay structures in the Port of Turku were inspected using VRT Finland Oy’s multibeam sonar method. Based on the inspection the structures are in appropriate condition.

Expansion of logistics area is an important part of development in Pansio

Pansio is an expansion area of the Port of Turku which has been developed since the 1990s. According to Jaakko Nirhamo, Sales Director of the Port of Turku, goods transports are also developed in Pansio district.

Silversea cruise line’s Silver Wind closes Turku’s international cruise season

The international cruise season in Turku closes on Monday September 3rd with the call of Silversea cruise line’s Silver Wind. She arrives from Tallinn and will continue in the afternoon to Västervik in Sweden. Silver Wind is a small luxury ship with just 296 guests and almost as many crew members with 222. All accomodations … Read more

New joint terminal for ship traffic opens up opportunities for development of the port area

Photo: Schauman Arkkitehdit Oy / City of Turku / Port of Turku Draft for the functional development of Kanavaniemi area The port area is facing intensive development in the future. The passenger and cruise operations in the area will be reformed with positive effects on the Port and considerable added value for tourism. The key … Read more

Sponsored runner Markus Teijula becomes double champion

Our sponsored runner, 20-year-old Markus Teijula won Finnish championships on 400 and 800 metres last weekend.

Social media is pop – We are now also on Instagram!

The Port’s web pages are already familiar to many, but did you know that you can find us on social media, too?

New weighing equipment to be introduced during the summer

The Port of Turku is buying new 34-metre vehicle weighing equipment. It will respond to the need to weigh, along with other vehicles, also new, long High Capacity Transport (HCT) trucks. The equipment is long enough for weighing a complete vehicle at a time.

Dredging contributes to the safety of seafaring

Dredging means making a waterway deeper or improving it by mechanically removing sediment i.e. soil accumulated at the bottom of the waterway. In addition to removal of sediment, dredging also involves looking after the dredging masses and their final disposal in a suitable location.