Pansio Harbour

Designed for unit cargo, the ro-ro harbour offers excellent premises for project loads besides the spacious facilities for cargo handling.
The area has two 5,000 square meter warehouses right next to the quay and more than 140,000 square meter of tarmac field space. The large outdoor areas make the Pansio Harbour ideally suited to car exports and imports and the needs of the local shipyards and other heavy industry.

Pansio Harbour - Port of Turku
  • Data-based registration and follow-up
  • Area and access control system
  • Vast fields
  • Field areas: 140,000 m2
  • Storage facilities: 10,100 m2
  • Railways: 7.8 km + connection to the national railway network
  • Berth depth: 9 m
  • Ro-ro berths: 1 kpl
Logistics area
  • Field areas: 150,000 m2
  • Storage facilities: 17,000 m2
Oil harbour

Tank operators:

  • Teboil 63,500 m3
  • Altia 9,960 m3
  • Savaterra 6,000 m3

Berth depth: 9 m