Entry and exit routes

The Port of Turku has excellent road connections to all over Finland. Uncongested roads lead quickly to the country’s key transport routes, including the E18 motorway to Helsinki and highway 8 along the west coast. Highways 9 and 10 to the inland growth centres can also be easily accessed via the Turku Ring Road, thus avoiding the city-centre traffic jams.

The fastest entry and exit routes are shown on the map below.

Entry and exit routes - Port of Turku

Turku – Rauma 92 km
Turku – Pori 138 km
Turku – Hämeenlinna 141 km
Turku – Tampere 57 km
Turku – Helsinki 165 km
Turku – Lahti 212 km
Turku – Jyväskylä 304 km
Turku – Vaasa 331 km
Turku – St.Petersburg 580 km
Turku – Oulu 620 km
Turku – Moscow 1,266 km