Port´s operations

The Port of Turku and its partners form a reliable service concept that provides cost-efficient solutions to all logistics needs of businesses. Co-operation between the port enterprise, shipping companies, port operators and transport companies is close and the goals are uniform. As a five-star service port we want to be the number one port because time matters.

Co-operating centre of maritime

The Port of Turku acts as an efficient centre of maritime traffic, thus promoting the competitiveness of Finnish businesses. Together with other logistics and traffic players the Port develops both the port infrastructure and services with a keen ear to its customers’ needs. The operations emphasise flexibility and quick responses to the customers’ changing needs.

A strong player in cargo and passenger traffic

The operations of the Port of Turku are divided into two business areas: passenger traffic and cargo transports. Passenger traffic comprises of ferry traffic between Turku and Stockholm, and the cruise traffic in the Baltic Sea. The focus of cargo transports lies in processed goods and project loads. Both business areas act as profit centres with shared support services.

The Port’s operations are guided by certified quality, environmental and safety systems which together form the Port’s operations system.