Cruise destination Turku

The Port of Turku offers smooth bunkering, provisioning, and waste disposal services. Waste management is carried out according to the vessel’s individual needs. Reductions on port fees can be provided if waste handling is made in a desirable way. As one of few ports in Finland the Port offers also environmental discounts. In 2021 the Port introduced a Clean Shipping Index environmental discount system for vessel fees, which makes it possible to look at the environmental performance of ships in a larger context. The Port’s environmental work focuses on improving the state of the Baltic Sea.

Safe and efficient

Fast, safe and efficient vessel services is an important part of services offered by the Port of Turku.

Efficient services

Professional workers in the port of Turku take care of smooth bunkering, provisioning, and waste disposal services.

Reduced prices

Port’s environmental work focuses on improving the state of the Baltic Sea. Environmental discount system for vessels.

Welcome to the port where everything you need for a comfortable visit is provided. When cruise ships arrive, tourist information is made available to assist arriving passengers. There are a few shops on the premises where small purchases can be made. Delicious meals and refreshing drinks can be enjoyed at the restaurants and cafes in the area. Shuttle transportation to the city’s downtown, located a few kilometers away, can be arranged from the port area. Free Wi-Fi is available at specific docks for passengers. The port staff is ready to assist around the clock, so you can have peace of mind throughout your visit.

Berthing policy

The fairway leading to Turku between the stretch of Kuuva – Port of Turku is one-way, and regular liner traffic has priority. Cruise vessels calling Turku must hence adapt their arrival and departure to liner traffic schedules (3 liner calls / day).

Harbour pilotage is not obligatory, sea pilotage is obligatory. The use of tugboat is not obligatory unless otherwise stated by the port. The pilot and the agent can be consulted.

The Port of Turku will start a construction project in the near future that includes a new Terminal building, car fields, digitalisation, reconstruction of quays and infrastructure.

The port will welcome cruise ships as usual but there might be som adjustments to the quay arrangements.

Note that vessels under 130 m and ca 6 m draft can be moored in the river Aura.

Please contact us for more information.

Annika Schulman

Executive Assistant

+358 44 5560 181

Teemu Aaltonen

Deputy Harbour Master / Vessel services

+358 50 5533 184