For the crew

The Port of Turku serves cruise liner crews in co-operation with Seamen’s Mission and the City of Turku. Read more about the services!

Leisure activities for seamen

The crew members can visit Forum Marinum Maritime Centre at a reduced price of 5 € by presenting an ID card.

Forum Marinum is a fascinating centre for exploring the past and the present of Finnish maritime life. It is located right next to the Port on the bank of the river Aura.

Read more about Forum Marinum.

The Seamen’s Mission in Turku offers crew members free transportation from the quay to the mission on visiting days of cruise liners. The services of the Seamen’s Mission include e.g. a sauna, cafeteria and billiards. A field for ball games and a jogging track can be found nearby.

Read about the services of Seamen’s Mission.

Welcome to Turku and enjoy your stay! Let Visit Turku entertain you with these special programmes, just for the visiting cruise crews. And what’s even nicer, they are FREE of charge.

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